5G Phones To Account for More Than 50% Of Sales Revenue By 2025

5G-compatible smartphone will represent more than half of all smartphone sales revenue by 2025, according to a new Jupiter Research report.

5G phones' sales are projected to leap 210%, from an estimated $108 billion this year to $337 billion in 2025.

The researcher says that handset suppliers will need to anticipate new mobile cloud-computing solutions for handling power-intensive tasks, and incorporate features that can leverage these capabilities, such as radios that can handle large bandwidths and ultra-low latency.

Juniper also stresses that sales growth will depend heavily on making lower-tier 5G phones available in emerging markets.

It predicts that by 2025, global Android smartphone prices will be 65% lower than global iOS smartphone prices--and that the lower average cost of Android devices will lead to Android dominating 5G handset markets in regions such as Latin America.



But iOS devices will continue to dominate in developed markets, with 40% of global 5G smartphone revenue attributable to North America and Europe by 2025.

Jupiter also cautions that long-term 5G smartphone shipment revenue will be limited by impending "right-to-repair" legislation in North America and Europe, as more handset users choose to repair older models rather than upgrading to newer generation devices.

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