The Choo Fits: Amazon Prime Video's Massive Global Promo Effort For Cinderella

Amazon is pulling out all the stops in its global marketing campaign to promote its new movie version of the classic fairytale Cinderella which debuted over the Labor Day weekend. The company says its one of biggest global marketing efforts to date that it has implemented to promote a single new program. 

The effort includes brand partnerships, social media challenges, global pop-up activations and more to bring the inner world of Camila Cabello’s character in the film to audiences at home. 

Brand partners for the effort include Mercedes Benz, Jimmy Choo, Häagen-Dazs, L’Oréal Paris and others and were in large part designed to create viral cultural moments for audiences globally. Centering on the film’s diverse all-star cast including Camila Cabello, Billy Porter, Amazon stressed that it was important to involve Black, Latinx, LGBTQ+, and younger audiences in their campaign. 

The campaign activations for Cinderella included: 



      Gift Deliveries to Elementary Students

In partnership with Shoes That Fit and Zappos, APV delivered gift boxes to benefit families of 5,000 elementary school students in 11 communities across the country, including Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Houston, Miami and more. With Cinderella wrapped Amazon delivery vehicles, the elementary schools received Cinderella-themed boxes full of school supplies and new athletic shoes to start the school year. Zappos also provided a donation of $15,000 to Ricardo Lizarraga Elementary School in Los Angeles in celebration of the film’s debut. 

      Influencer Family-friendly screening event in the Hamptons

On September 4th, APV hosted a screening and brunch event for influencers in Montauk. The “Beach Ball” was oceanside and had multiple Cinderella themed activations to encourage influencers to create content about their experience. 

      Community Screening with Brooklyn Queen

In partnership with Teen Influencer, Brooklyn Queen hosted a community screening on September 5, 2021, inviting young girls ages 7 to 12 from underprivileged communities. The young ladies were said to have received a “day of true princess treatment” in addition to a screening of the film. 

      Glass Slipper Displays in Mexico

With the iconic glass slipper representing aspirational transformation, APV created eye-catching photo moments for fans to “step into their own story” with shoe ice sculptures in an ice skating rink in Mexico. 

      BR Shoe Parade

Around São Paulo giant shoes designed by Brazilian artists were displayed in a multi-site exhibition to promote the new film. The shoe sculptures were placed in the Conjunto Nacional and in the malls Center Norte, Cidade SP, Morumbi, Eldorado and Anália Franco. When the exhibition ends on Sept. 18, the shoes will be donated to the G10 Favelas, in order to raise funds for projects fighting hunger in the community, such as Construindo Sonhos de Paraisópolis. 

      Global Watch Parties

APV hosted a watch party in Brazil the day of the premiere, themed sleepovers in Australia with mom influencers, and executed the first-ever multi-day APV watch party event to catalyze significant organic conversations among fans of Camila Cabello and music, all designed to lift Cinderella into the top trending topics. To stir up buzz around the watch parties, the company secured talent support, paired with influencers and all other relevant social channels, to participate in the conversation, arming each with relevant content to post throughout the event. As a way of encouraging rewatch and film “fanship,” APV will have a limited theatrical run in a select number of theaters in the US. There was also a global livestream of the Cinderella premiere event so fans around the world could participate in the fun. 

      Global TikTok Challenges

As a way of conveying the film’s elements of empowerment and inspiration through transformation, the company created a cultural moment with their first-ever global branded effect and takeover challenge on TikTok, encouraging fans everywhere to find their Cinderella Moment. 

      Global Partnerships

      Mercedes Benz: To bring the world of Cinderella to life, Amazon Prime Video partnered with Mercedes Benz to create an iconic custom Maybach (“A new kind of Cinderella has arrived”) digital custom spots and a telescope live stream fashion show, a social campaign across all platforms and more.

      L’Oréal Paris: APV worked with cosmetics company L’Oréal Paris in a global “Get the Look” campaign, leveraging Camilla Cabello’s ambassador status and incorporating her character’s makeup look from the film.

      John Frieda: Focusing primarily on the European, Middle East and Asia regions, the company partnered with John Frieda to produce custom hair products prior to launch in Europe. Additionally, they worked to execute various activations in about 15 global markets outside of Europe.

      Onitsuka Tiger: In addition to pop-ups in Los Angeles and Tokyo throughout the premiere weekend, APV collaborated with Japanese athletic shoe brand Onitsuka Tiger to create custom sneakers for Camila Cabello’s character in Cinderella. The brand produced a limited-edition of sneakers similar to those in the film, where fans around the world could dress just like Ella by purchasing their very own pair.

      Jimmy Choo: The firm worked with luxury brand Jimmy Choo to design Ella’s iconic heels in Cinderella.

      Bee Goddess: The company partnered with fine luxury brand Bee Goddess, whose products can be spotted throughout the film.

      Häagen-Dazs: Collaborating with ice cream brand Häagen-Dazs, APV executed an exclusive premiere event on September 2nd, ahead of the film’s global premiere.

      White Glo Toothpaste: APV worked with White Glo Toothpaste in Australia and the UK to promote the film’s premiere.




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