CommonSpirit Health Campaign Reminds Us COVID Battle Is Still On

As the U.S. public still grapples with COVID-19, CommonSpirit Health is releasing spots with real-world footage taken during the pandemic. 

CommonSpirit Health is a national Catholic healthcare system formed in 1996.

The ads show how small and seemingly insignificant choices help foster communication and closeness. The first spot, “Driveway Chalk,” features footage of a boy bicycling in a driveway. That night, we see that a man draws chalk lines on the driveway so the kid can follow the lines and play. 

The spot, via Eleven, was filmed this summer. 

A second spot, “Motivational Sister,” shows a child giving her younger brother an uplifting pep talk. 



The spots went live nationwide on Dignity Health and CHI social platforms on Sept. 13 and are being distributed on TV across the country in mid-September.

The spots are the latest iteration of Hello Humankindness, the overarching theme of the campaign.

COVID-19 has been a tough issue for marketers and many have opted to ignore it. But a recent study by brand consultancy MBLM found that Apple and Costco made big gains in “brand intimacy” during the pandemic.

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