One In 40 Scanned Ads Don't Meet IAB Standards

One in 40, or 2.4%, of ad scans checked in this year’s first two quarters did not meet one or more of the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s formatting standards, reports AdSecure. 

Among the ads found to be violating standards, about 46% exceeded the recommended pixel sizes for ad dimensions, 23% were not compressed, 20% did not met the recommended maximum KB on initial and sub loads, and 11% did not meet the maximum recommendation of fewer than 10 requests. 

Adherence to IAB’s standards has been shown to lead to higher levels of user engagement and overall conversion. In addition, Google rankings now penalize publisher sites with poor web content performance. 

The ads were checked with AdSecure’s detection tool for IAB standards. The ad verification company issues periodic reports on standards violations trends.

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