American Eagle's Latest Collection: First NFT Offering

Partnering with recently launched VaynerNFT and Bitski, clothing company American Eagle has unveiled its first non-fungible token collection, launching 120 NFTs available to mint over a three-day period this week for just $1 each. 

AE’s inaugural NFT collection includes 12 unique designs crafted by up-and-coming creators Liam Eisenberg and Amy Perez, exploring the themes of “good vibes, uniqueness, and individuality,” according to the brand.

AE said the project is designed to support first-time NFT purchasers, particularly among its core Gen Z customer base.

The collection launched this week with the introduction of a free-to-mint NFT that also provides access to a corresponding, real-life physical collectible.

Collectors will be able to redeem their NFT for a tangible, real-life patch of the purchased NFT that can be sewn onto a garment, along with a gift card.

The rollout is set over 3 days (beginning Nov. 3) and will be on a first come, first served basis, with only 40 NFTs available each day. 




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