Premium Streamers Employ Their TV Networks For Promotion, Advertising

Discovery+ continues to dominate all premium video streamers when it comes to using its own airwaves for promotion and advertising.

Through November 4 of this year, Discovery+ has run 420,485 national TV airings of promotional/advertising content, with much of it on Discovery-owned TV networks -- $260.9 million in media value, according to

Just $40.6 million has been paid advertising on non-owned Discovery channels. That’s a total of $301.5 million in media value/paid advertising.

Discovery’s 420,485 ad/promo TV messages are more than the next 10 premium streamers combined.

Disney+ is next at $204.6 million in total media value/paid advertising -- with $104.2 million in paid advertising from 79,025 airings.

Paramount+ is third -- $115.2 million in media value from airings on its sister TV networks and $20.8 million in paid advertising on other networks/platforms. A total of $136 million in all national TV advertising/promotion, from 62,111 airings.

NBCU’s Peacock totals $49.2 million -- $39.1 million in media value and $10.1 million in paid advertising since the first of the year. Overall, Peacock has had 20,730 advertising/promotional airings.

NBCUniversal spent more than $100 million for all advertising -- including TV and digital media -- for Peacock in the third quarter, up 181% over ad spend in the previous second-quarter period, according to MediaRadar.

Digital advertising accounted for 45% of its overall spend, with Facebook the top channel at 38% of all ad spend. Other digital media included Snapchat, online video (YouTube), native and display ads and podcasts.

MediaRadar says less than 1% of Peacock’s ad spend went to competing streaming services, which included Hulu and Paramount+. Estimates are that in the third quarter, Peacock grew advertising revenues on the service by 115% to $47.8 million.

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