Keep Warm, Order A Cold One, Display Vax Status With Blue Moon's 'Card-igan'

Most marketers have been reticent about tying in with the pandemic. That makes sense, since no brand wants to be associated with something that has killed about 800,000. 

But now at least one marketer, Blue Moon, is pushing the Vax Card-igan, a sweater that has a card holder where you can display your vaccination status. 

The idea, created with ad agency Mischief, was to make the process of entering a bar and getting a beer less weird. 

“Equal parts festive as it is functional, the Vax Card-igan not only gives back but gives you a new way to brighten up the bar and enjoy America’s favorite craft beer,” said Joy Ghosh, vice president of the dabove premium beer at Molson Coors Beverage Co.  



The sweaters, on sale here, come in three designs: citrus and snow, bright night and booster-and-a-beer. All three are priced at $20.01 (“in hopes that this is the only year you’ll ever need them.”) 

As the brewer states, “unusual times call for unusual sweaters.”

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