Study Finds That Shoppers Are Flummoxed By IVR

Email marketers, here’s something to think about when directing customers towards your firm’s interactive voice response (IVR) experience: 88% say an IVR they encountered was not intelligent and 38% that it was unintelligent or somewhat so, according to a study by eGain. 

Moreover,  60% have tried to zero out to a call center agent very often, and 26% somewhat frequently. 

But even that wasn’t easy: 67% wrestled with an IVR to get an answer for five minutes or more, and 41% did so for 15 minutes or more. And 70% waited for five minutes or longer after zeroing out to get a live agent, and 43% for over 15 minutes.  

Having to repeat context is a universal pain point among generations:  

  • Silent Gen — 70%
  • Gen Z — 68.4%
  • Millennials — 71%
  • Gen Xers — 75.5% 
  • Baby Boomers — 74.8%

eGain received 500 responses from people who made a call with a smart phone and had one or more interactions with an IVR. 



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