Katy Perry, Troy Aikman Launch Healthier Drink Products

Image above: De Soi co-founders Katy Perry (left) and Morgan McLachlan.

Celebs Katy Perry and Troy Aikman have plunged into healthier drinking with De Soi non-alcoholic RTDs and Eight Elite Light Lager, respectively.

During a Las Vegas show two weeks ago, pop star Perry reportedly dispensed and drank beer from a bra made of beer cans, brand unidentified, according to the Independent. Last week, though, “inspired by the French ethos of pleasure with restraint,” the singer co-launched De Soi, her own brand of non-alcoholic sparkling RTD apéritifs designed to “help the mind relax and revitalize.”

Three De Soi flavors, said to be “reminiscent of a light, medium and full-bodied wine,” contain combinations of adaptogens like reishi mushroom, ashwagandha and maca, with botanicals like blackcurrant, birch and yuzu.



De Soi is a partnership between Perry and Amass, which creates and markets botanical-based alcoholic and non-alcoholic spirits, as well as personal care products.

“Entering a new phase of life focused on family, health and wellness, Katy was the ideal partner for De Soi,” said  Morgan McLachlan, co-founder of both De Soi and Amass.

“As a creative professional and a busy mom, I was searching for a delicious and bubbly ready-to-sip beverage that didn't get in the way of early mornings and long nights," concurred Perry. She said that the De Soi products “allow me to be my brightest and most dynamic self without giving up the complex taste and stress-soothing effect I look for in a celebratory drink or nightcap."

Available  at and at the Boisson chain of nonalcoholic spirits shops, De Soi is sold  in 750 mL bottles or four-packs of 8 oz. cans, each priced at $25.

The launch, relying on Perry’s personal brand to spread the word to consumers, is also using social media ads and public relations in its marketing, with “larger ad campaigns later this year,” a spokesperson told Marketing Daily.

Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Aikman’s organic light beer, Eight Elite Light Lager, will launch in his home state of Texas next month largely on the strength of Aikman’s name, backed by a social media push and a community of brand ambassadors now being recruited via Eight’s website.

“Hopes are high that their continual posts and actively will help drive the brand’s growth,” a spokesperson told Marketing Daily, adding that “once the brand is established in Texas, they will assess demand for it to other parts of the country.”

Boasting “organic grains, antioxidant-rich Hallertau Taurus hops, no adjuncts or cheap fillers, and no sugars,” Eight -- with 90 calories and 2.6g carbohydrates per 19.2-ounce can -- has been under development for the past two years in partnership with Oregon State University’s Food Science and Technology Department.

In a statement, Aikman claimed that other “options for a light, refreshing beer that’s brewed with organic ingredients are virtually nonexistent…If Eight hits the market and offers drinkers an option they don’t need to make excuses to enjoy, that will be a huge win."

The brand said it will give 1% of all revenue to Texas-based causes "that work tirelessly to make healthy living accessible to all.”

Besides Aikman, other Eight co-founders include Doug Campbell, previously president of Belgian ale marketer Brewery Ommegang.

Eight will launch on draft in bars, restaurants and other on-premise accounts in Texas in February, with cans set to arrive in retail locations in March. The beer will be available in 19.2 oz cans, 6-packs and 12-packs.

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