ANA Launches Agency Training Program

The Association of National Advertisers is launching a new training program designed to help both clients and agencies improve their working relationships to drive growth, reduce costs, and relieve unnecessary friction and stress. 

The effort is being led by the ANA’s Marketing Training & Development Center. And it follows a survey done late last year that found that more than 90% of respondent marketers believe that current training resources for successful agency management are inadequate. The survey also found that a majority of respondents believe nearly a third of marketing budgets are lost to inefficiencies in agency management. 

And 80% said they experience of “high levels of stress” when agencies fail to deliver on expectations while three-fourths cited  multi-agency alignment as a challenge to performance. 

That study was a follow-up to one completed in 2020 that found there is better communication between clients and agencies when the organizations utilize a relationship management program. Such programs, that earlier study also found, lead to better work and increased business results. 

The basic elements of the new program consist of in-depth process audits, pre-and-post qualitative interviews and interventions, intensive workshopping, and blueprints for long-term success. More details can be accessed here.


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