Papa Murphy's Launches 'Together We Pizza' Campaign

Just in time for the leadup to Super Bowl party preparations, Papa Murphy’s, which bills itself as a “take and bake” pizza brand, is launching its first brand campaign in years. 

The campaign is the first work from its new creative agency, The Marketing Arm, which won the account last year.  

The campaign, “Together We Pizza,” highlights the brand’s “take and bake” proposition, which differentiates it from other pizza providers such as Papa John’s, Digiorno, Domino’s and others.  

The message is “We make great pizza, so you can make the pizza great.”  And the tagline is “Change the way you pizza.”

In a series of ads, the campaign celebrates the relationship between the Papa Murphy’s crew and their “take and bake” guests, while also capturing those “at home” moments that the brand strives to create.  

Accompanying the brand campaign is an online promotion offer to help encourage trial.

Sample the work here and here.





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