What is Love? Ask Alexa

In the leadup to Valentine’s Day, Ad Council’s Emmy-Award winning, inclusion-promoting "Love Has No Labels" campaign is teaming up with Amazon to redefine love.  

The campaign is designed to motivate people to ask, “Alexa, what is Love?” Answers will be available on all Alexa-enabled devices. 

Some of the responses include “Love is when someone acknowledges how I identify,” “Love is when we create safe spaces for Black women” and “Love is opening your doors to others without expecting anything in return.”  

The goal is to inspire people to take actions of love in their own communities.

The campaign includes a film that delves deeper into the lives of the people giving Alexa’s new response, showing how acts of love have helped them feel more included. The campaign will be promoted in Amazon audio ads, Amazon streaming TV ads, social media, and digital formats nationwide. 

In addition, audiences can visit amazon.com/LoveHasNoLabels for resources that help foster unity and inclusion, and to learn more about the individual stories spotlighted in the film.  


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