Volvo Aims To Educate On Super Bowl Social Traffic

Volvo Cars has launched a public service campaign on Twitter for EV education.

The effort leverages Twitter's Randomized Instant Notification technology, which sends a randomized response to people when they “like” a certain tweet. 

Volvo enlisted young children to explain the often complicated EV terminology in the cutest way and simplest terms. It’s an effort to solve an industrywide skepticism about the unfamiliar technology, strange language and unfounded fears attached to EV adoption, according to the automaker. 

With the campaign, called “EV as ABC” (a nod to “Easy as ABC,”) Volvo hopes to raise interest in electric vehicles during Super Bowl time, when consumers flock to Twitter to express their passions and engage with others.



When people “like” Volvo’s call-to-action Tweet, they’ll receive a Randomized Instant Notification featuring one of 26 videos where young kids explain how EVs operate and the benefits of owning one. 

People can then “like” that tweet to receive another video until they’ve gone through all 26 videos corresponding to each letter of the alphabet.

While the audience for the Big Game is massive, rather than spend millions of dollars on a commercial promoting its own vehicles, Volvo wanted to use the power of Twitter to explain the basics about all EVs, no matter which company makes them, according to the automaker. 

Volvo and Twitter also have created a branded emoji that will appear when people tweet “#EVasABC” to help drive the conversation on the platform. 

Some videos will contain an Easter egg leading people to a contest page,, where users can nominate a teacher who educates the next generation about sustainability to win a trip to Volvo Headquarters in Sweden for a Volvo EV Experience.

Entries will be judged on adherence to the contest theme, persuasiveness, originality and creativity. Winners will be announced on Earth Day.

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