Please Help Me Write A Future Column About NFTs

Apologies for jumping the gun on my next "RTBlog" (which normally publishes Mondays), but I have a time sensitive ask I'd like to make. I'm trying to gain early access to Coinbase's new NFT Marketplace for a column I plan to do on NFTs and I need your help to move up Coinbase's leaderboard.

The column will involve me creating an NFT version of it and then auctioning it off to the best bidder. The bids won't be for cash, crypto or any monetary value, but for the best ideas I receive from readers related to a call-to-action the column will make.

Just use the referral code Coinbase gave me and if you email me back at joe@mediapost with screenshot of your confirmation page, you'll be eligible to bid for the NFT column.

I know this may sound scammy, or a little nutty, but anyone who has followed my writing over the past 40 years knows I often do first-person pieces based on participating directly in media projects and/or experiences. Sometimes, it's the only way to tell certain stories, by being part of them yourself.



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