Remote Control: Offsite Workers Are Fatigued By Promotional Emails

Enterprise employees are suffering from digital fatigue, especially those who work remotely. 

Of all staffers, 55% feel overwhelmed by the volume of digital promotional communications they receive, according to the 2022 Hybrid Engagement Survey, a new study by PFL. 

Fatigue is reported by 63% of remote workers and 49% of hybrid workers.  

On average, enterprise professionals received 65 emails per week. But remote workers receive over 170 emails per week, versus only 31 for hybrid workers. 

Even those seated in the C-Suite are experiencing overload — they get 80 emails per week, compared to 28 for entry-level and associate-level employees.  

And 80% of C-level types feel overwhelmed by digital promotions, as do 72% of director-level respondents.  



Even marketing professionals are exhausted — 70% are experiencing digital fatigue, as are 60% of IT people. 

The study defines digital fatigue as “a state of mental exhaustion brought on by the excessive and concurrent use of multiple digital tools.”

You’ll hear no quibbling from us about these findings — this writer’s inbox currently has 18,000 unopened emails.   

That said, the whole point of this study seems to be to push direct mail as an alternative. The study reports that 56% of respondents are more likely to open a mailing piece than an email. 

In addition, 72% of C-level executives say the same thing. Moreover, 89% overall say they are more likely to open a mailing piece from a company with whom they have a relationship. And 54% of all enterprise workers are more inclined to engage with a brand after receiving a physical mailer. 

What nobody thought to ask was -- what about the impact of an email and direct-mail piece sent in tandem as part of a campaign -- how well do they support each other? 

The report does note that marketers need to “lean on personalization, content, and physical marketing tactics to create hybrid experiences that can effectively reach burnt-out audiences. 

PFL, which says it helps firms send effective direct mail in a data-driven ecosystem, surveyed more than 600 U.S.-based remote and hybrid workers at enterprise organizations. 

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