Simon Data Partners With Snowflake To Enhance CDP

Simon Data has formed a partnership with data cloud company Snowflake that it says will help clients improve their marketing, get more out of their data investments and streamline their campaign creation. 

With Simon Data’s customer data platform now included in Snowflake’s Powered by Snowflake program, ioint customers will have “a modern, agile way to easily access and leverage customer data,” states Jason Davis, CEO and co-founder of Simon Data. 

The arrangement will provide these benefits, Simon Data says:

  • Granularity for 1:1 marketing—this Enables marketers to act on data at a high  level of detail.  
  • Security — Simon Data uses security aspects of Snowflake, which are supported in native multi-cloud contexts.
  • Data shares — The partnership enhances data integration to accelerate time-to-value. 

Among the brands utilizing both Simon Data and Snowflake is JetBlue.  

“Simon Data has already helped us unlock additional value from our investments in the Snowflake platform,” says Amit Chawla, director, loyalty program development at JetBlue. 

Chawla says: “We were able to onboard Simon on top of Snowflake and get our first campaign live in only 12 days which, in the MarTech world, is impressive.”


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