Email-Blocking Service Raises $3.3 Million In Seed Capital

Email marketers will face another hurdle if Gated, a platform designed to block emails from unknown senders, gets off the ground. 

The firm has launched its software while raising $3.3 million in seed funding. The financing round was led by Corazon Capital, with participation from Precursor Ventures, Burst Capital, Tuesday Capital, other early-stage funds, and leading GTM angles.

“In a world where marketers send millions of automated emails with the push of a button, Gated gives individuals the power to control who can reach them,” states Andy Mowat, CEO and Founder of Gated.

Gated creates a separate folder in a person’s Google-based email account to divert emails from unknown sources, building a list of allowed senders, based on previous communications. 

Unknown senders can reach user inboxes only if they make a donation to that person’s nonprofit of choice

Gated users can select a vetted 501(c)3 nonprofit, setting a minimum donation amount to reach their inbox. 

Of that sum, 70% of that payment goes to the nonprofit and the rest goes to support Gated as a free service


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