New AKQA-backed Agency Devoted To Social Change

Two former David Miami creatives, Jean Zamprogno and Fernando Pellizzaro, have launched a new agency dedicated to social change called AKQA Bloom. It’s described as an autonomous agency with the backing of AKQA, which is part of WPP. (David Miami is part of WPP’s Ogilvy.)

The duo, known in the industry as Zampa and Zaro have worked on numerous iconic award-winning campaigns including “Moldy Whopper” for Burger King, which won dozens of Lions, One Shows, Clios and other awards.

Ditto a campaign for Coca-Cola, designed to fight homophobia called “This Coke Is A Fanta.” The expression was often used as a derogatory reference to gay people in Brazil and the campaign added a “So what?” and is credited with transforming the slur into a statement of gay pride in the country.



The agency is based in Miami and the two leaders, who have worked together for 15 years, are credited as founders and executive creative directors.

AKQA CEO Ajaz Ahmed said of the team, “Their visionary ideas break the rules and change the way people think by sharing astonishing stories and amplifying stunning voices outside the consensus.”

“We founded Bloom from a realization that we have the platform and opportunity to respond to multiple problems with new energy and determination,” added Pellizzaro. “By applying fearless creativity, exceptional craft, and love, we aspire to encourage brands to satisfy societal needs in positive and meaningful ways.”

Their work also includes six Super Bowl ads, and efforts for Budweiser, Corona, Mondelez and others.



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