On-Demand Vehicle Service Adds Tesla

Kyte, which offers vehicles on demand in select U.S. cities, is adding Tesla Model 3 to the mix beginning in New York City and San Francisco. 

Starting April 15, the electric vehicle will be available via a new subscription feature, offering month-long access to the luxury EVs, with no down payment. Insurance, registration, and maintenance are all included.

Besides NYC and San Francisco, Kyte is available in 12 metro areas including Boston, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, Portland and Seattle. Tesla Model 3 will eventually be available in all of Kyte’s markets. 

Through the Kyte mobile app on iOS, Android, or website, customers can book a car for a day, multiple days, multiple weeks, months or however long they want. 

Subscribers can request the Tesla to be delivered and picked up from their front door. Kyte provides the option to extend subscriptions flexibly at any time.



The company’s mission is to eliminate the inconvenient and stressful experience of car rentals.

The Tesla offering is designed for those looking for the experience of a Tesla without the hassles of ownership and the long-term commitment.

Expanding the company’s fleet and encouraging electric vehicle adoption is important to the company, says Erik Zahnlecker, director of product at Kyte.

“We don’t want to only be innovators in how we give people access to cars, but we want to be a catalyst for the rapid change going on in the transportation industry as a whole,” Zahnlecker says in a release. “This rollout is pivotal to our growth strategy and core to our electrified, autonomous and shared vision.” 

The company recently announced a significant round of asset-backed credit financing from Goldman Sachs and Ares Global Management of $200 million.

Kyte’s competitors include Go Car, Zipcar and Turo.

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