TV Personality Beau Boeckmann, 2 Ex-'Jalopnik' Writers Launch Car Website

There’s a new car enthusiast website in the market, launched earlier this month by two veteran automotive writers and the TV personality and car customizer Beau Boeckmann,

The site, called The Autopian, is led by David Tracy and Jason Torchinsky. Both are former staff writers from the well-known auto site Jalopnik, and left the jobs they loved to create their dream website, according to the company.

The pair say they have a combined 16 years of experience and wrote over 9,000 posts while at Jalopnik, playing critical roles in bringing Jalopnik to its highest traffic level ever.

Tracy, a former engineer, is known for producing extremely detailed technical articles incorporating his expertise, along with insight from automotive engineers, technicians and designers. Torchinsky’s interests include driving obscure cars and exploring the minutiae of automotive design.



At its launch, The Autopian featured a deep-dive into Chinese Jeep Cherokee knockoffs — written by a long-time expert on the Chinese car market. An introductory post for the column “Ask an Enginerd,” featured the ex-Ford/Tesla Engineer Huibert Mees answering readers’ questions about automotive engineering. Two experienced car designers had stories on The Autopian on launch day. There also was a new episode of the YouTube video series “Torch Drives,” featuring a 1938 American Bantam.

Boeckmann, the other partner, is president of California auto sales company Galpin Motors, host of Discovery Channel’s “Car Kings," and  former host of MTV’s “Pimp My Ride.”

“Coming from an automotive family and working in the industry for my entire life has fueled a desire to build a haven for car enthusiasts,” Boeckmann said. “Just as auto shows have the power to bring different communities together, it’s my dream for The Autopian to have a similar effect.”

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