Omnicom Media Group Goes Live With Point-Of-Purchase Programmatic Marketplace

Omnicom Media Group has launched what it says is the industry’s first programmatic marketplace for point-of-purchase screens in the US, encompassing approximately 80,000 screens nationwide.

Those screens are located across multiple points along the in-store and to-the-store journey, including in-aisle cold case doors, check-out screens, entrance and open-air kiosks, EV charging stations, and gas pump screens. 

And while ecommerce is growing by leaps and bounds, OMG points to research indicating that 48% of consumers still make purchases inside a physical store once a week.

OMG’s new private marketplace went live April 8 and includes inventory from retail vendors and networks such as Cooler Screens, GSTV, Grocery TV, Lightbox, NRS Digital Media, Screenverse, Starlite, Velocity and Volta. Deals with those networks and others are being negotiated by OMG’s Outdoor Media Group.



“With this first-mover marketplace, we’re bringing the benefits of programmatic to the rapidly growing, highly effective and uniquely measurable environment of point-of-purchase screens,” says OMG North America Chief Activation Officer Megan Pagliuca. “The positive impact will be seen at all stages of investment, from planning to content development to activation and measurement.”

Inventory available via the new marketplace will be incorporated into a database within Omnicom’s demand-side data operating system Omni and activated within the Omni open orchestration platform that underpins all Omnicom agencies.


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