Every Resort Has a Personality personalizes its brand with two new spots in which the hotel has a voice and is looking for a consumer to bond with.

One spot, via Wieden + Kennedy,  uses a man’s voice to describe what he’s looking for. “So, I’m a beach-side hotel. I’m pretty relaxed,” the narrator says. “I don’t mean to brag, but I have multiple pools.” The narrator goes on to say he’s looking for someone who likes sand and sun, active types -- and he’s OK with kids.

Another spot, narrated by a woman, is from the point of view of a business hotel. The hotel is all about efficiency and catering to a business customer. “If you’re someone who likes earning rewards as much as earnings reports, I would be honored to be your perfect somewhere.”

The ad dispenses with Captain Obvious, the brand’s spokesman since 2014.




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