Culinary Star Padma Lakshmi Inspires At-Home Hosting For Boursin

Boursin cheese is enlisting food expert Padma Lakshmi to help people relieve the stress that can accompany the gradual return of hosting brunches, dinners and other at-home social gatherings.

Known for her role as the host of Bravo’s “Top Chef” cooking competition show, Lakshmi is the new face of Boursin commercials and the “host in residence” of the newly christened Maison Boursin—an experiential space in Brooklyn, New York.

The new Boursin campaign is based in part on a February survey by The Harris Poll of 1,642 U.S. adults ages 18+ who have hosted people at their home.

Among other findings, the survey revealed that 92% of hosts said they enjoy hosting others at home, and 74% are looking forward to hosting again. However, 60% of hosts said that they feel hesitant hosting others at home, with 21% saying they are unsure about the “new rules” of hosting.



“It’s more about, how do I get back in the game and how do I do this—I haven’t done it in a while,” Boursin brand director Jamee Pearlstein tells Marketing Daily.

In this spot from the Edible agency, Lakshmi explains how the 59-year-old cheese brand can “transform a humble dinner into a show-stopper, create delicious bites and give a burst of flavor to everything it touches.”

In the past week, social media comments regarding Lakshmi’s role and advice have confirmed her resonance with the campaign, according to Pearlstein. “People do really relate and appreciate the help—so we’re seeing the partnership come through.”

Beginning today, $20 reservations can be booked at for a 60-minute “immersive visit” to 339 President Street in Brooklyn’s Carroll Gardens—with proceeds donated to World Central Kitchen after approximately 5% in fees and taxes.

The visits will take place June 17-18, when participants can sample dishes and drinks in rooms designed and curated by Lakshmi, who will share tips for entertaining.

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