FreeWheel To Enable Linking First-, Third-Party Data To ID Solutions

Comcast’s FreeWheel says it’s piloting capabilities that enable seamless connection of first- and third-party data to a variety of identity solutions. 

The new identity capabilities, to be released later this year, include interoperability with publisher, operator and carrier data assets. 

They connect household data with Blockgraph distributors and Experian, LiveRamp, OpenAP and TransUnion data assets, as well as allow direct connections with Merkle and other proprietary agency datasets. 

The abilities will allow buyers and sellers to build target segments in nearly any ID space and lets marketers plan, target, pace and measure using their first-party data and major third-party datasets, according to the company.   

“With cookie deprecations on the horizon and privacy regulation evolving at a rapid pace, companies are leaning into first-party data solutions, often built on proprietary identifiers,” added Jon Whitticom, chief product officer, FreeWheel, said in a statement. “As a result, the identity landscape has become highly fragmented.” 

“We are doing this to simplify workflows and create scale by driving interoperability across many of today’s leading ID solutions,” added Mark McKee, general manager, FreeWheel.



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