YouNite Media Focuses On Diversity Audiences, Campaigns

YouNite Media has debuted, with a focus on multicultural media engagement. The media platform allows access to diverse audiences: Hispanic, Black, Asian and LGBTQ.

The Dallas-based shop has two founders: Pedro Lerma, CEO of LERMA/, and Rodrigo Vallejo, CEO of RO2 Media, which has offices in Dallas and Bogota, Colombia.

“In the wake of George Floyd’s murder, and what I call the 2020 multicultural awakening, brands have committed to invest in Black and Hispanic-owned media companies,” says Lerma. “The problem in the industry is that there aren’t enough scalable media outlets. So, we built one.”

Constructed in a strategic alliance with ad- software company Viant, YouNite utilizes its Adelphic programmatic tools to secure metrics across the open web, including CTV, mobile, desktop, DOOH and streaming audio.



YouNite is designed to build marketing campaigns that address brands’ diversity needs, which it views as the future of marketing. Its mission is to translate cultural intelligence into a direct ROI for clients.

The company will also allocate 5% of profits to fund minority-owned startups.

“Our goal is to create a media company as diverse and evolving as the people that businesses are hoping to engage with,” says Vallejo. “YouNite offers a full suite of services to optimize a brand’s unique messages across relevant channels, as well as effectively measure both offline and online conversations.”

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