Pointing To Progress, Publicis Groupe Releases U.S. Workforce Diversity Data

Publicis Groupe has released its U.S. employee diversity data, which shows a 17.5% year over year increase in the percentage of people of color across the U.S. workforce. Overall, people of color now comprise 34% of Publicis Groupe U.S. workforce. These numbers apply to the employees who have self-reported their ethnicity. The population of unknown or undeclared employees remained consistent year over year at 8%. 

Gains came across the board: The increase in the number of People of Color in entry level positions is strongest at 42%, up 22% from last year; mid-level positions up 15% over last year; and senior leadership positions up 19% versus last year. 

The percentage of Black people in senior leadership roles rose slightly to 2.6%, versus 2.4% a year ago. Senior roles held by people of Asian descent fell a bit, to 9.9% versus 10.6% a year ago. Hispanic and Latino people now hold 5% of senior roles, up from 4.6% a year ago. White people, who make up 65.6% of the Groupe’s total U.S. workforce hold 80.9% of senior leadership positions, roughly in line with last year.



Publicis Groupe CEO Arthur Sadoun stated that the numbers indicated “significant progress” and that the firm “will continue to prioritize our focus and expanded approach to infusing diversity, equity, and inclusion across every facet of our organization.” 

Sadoun at that over the past two years in the U.S. the Groupe’s headcount has increased by 10% while the people of color segment of the workforce increased 22% during the same period. 

The U.S. figures were released today during the Groupe’s annual companywide “Pausing For Action Forum.” The event was first held in 2020 to address systemic racism and social justice but has now evolved “to serve the varied experiences of talent across all communities, identities, and facets of intersectionality under the theme of Identity & Impact.”  It’s part of the company’s wider effort to foster DEI and related employee programs throughout the firm.



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