Cuddle Inc. Helps Charities Accept Crypto Donations

Unlike those who see crypto as a get-rich-quick opportunity, Cuddle Inc. is utilizing the blockchain as a means to enable and empower local nonprofit organizations to accept charitable donations from dedicated donors.

Founded in 2021, Cuddle Inc. has raised almost $40,000 for a variety of partnered charity organizations supporting animal shelters, vets, expensive animal treatments, donations to Ukraine, and foundations for children who have cancer. 

Cuddle Inc. gives nonprofit organizations the option to implement a widget on their website that contains an Ethereum address. Anyone can make direct, transparent donations that are recorded on the blockchain and viewable on the “Open Data” page of its website

Crypto donations have made headlines over the past year, specifically with people and projects attempting to help Ukrainians after Russia declared war. In March, a group of activists raised $6.75 million for Ukraine after selling a non-fungible token (NFT) of the country’s flag. 

Well-established anti-poverty organizations like Heifer International have also begun to deepen their digital cash fund-raising efforts, while crypto donations may be used more frequently in political campaigns as well.

“We are excited to bring crypto to charities that are not yet onboarded, without knowledge about cryptocurrency from their side.” says “Phil-Bone,” fund manager of Cuddle Inc. “One-hundred-percent of the donations to our charity partner widgets will be sent to the bank account of the related charity partner.”

Cofounde “Wobbles" says Cuddle Inc.’s main objective is to help the crypto community connect with their favorite good cause while “solving the transparency problem in the charity space,” as on the blockchain, users can “be sure that their donation goes the intended way.”

Cuddle Inc. also plans to raise money for organizations with sales of in-house NFT projects, including “Heroes of Ukraine,” in which all proceeds go directly to Ukraine's ministry of public health.

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