PowerDMARC Joins ASCII To Help Managed Service Providers Prevent Email Attacks

Email authentication platform PowerDMARC is working with The ASCII Group to bring its email authentication to ASCII members. 

PowerDMARC helps brands prevent email spoofing, impersonation and phishing attacks, the firm says. 

The arrangement allows ASCII members to use PowerDMARC’s automated DMARC Managed Service Provider (MSP)/Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) dashboard, DMARC compliance and enforcement, exportable PDF reports, protection against email-based threats and API support, at discounted rates, the firm says. 

The goal is to help MSP/MSSPs “secure their customer domains from email spoofing, impersonation, abuse, CEO fraud, and ransomware attacks using email authentication protocols like DMARC, SPF, MTA-STS, TLS-RPT, DKIM, and BIMI,” says Faisal Al Farsi, the CEO of PowerDMARC.


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