Hyundai Adds To NFT Offerings

Hyundai Motor Co. is adding to its NFT collection with 5,000  Ioniq 6 NFTs.

The company also introduced the Ioniq Citizenship, an NFT membership program for NFT holders that provides exclusive experiences.

The collection was the second official Non-Fungible Token set issued by Hyundai Motor, following the May release of its first collection.

Exclusive access to digital spaces, special digital content and physical items related to Ioniq 6 are included, and some utilities may vary by rarity.

The Ioniq 6 experiences will be expanded through various partnerships, starting with virtual fashion items giveaways and exclusive VIP access on “Planet Hyundai,” Hyundai Motor's virtual space that opened on ZEPETO, the global metaverse platform, on July 14 in collaboration with Naver Z. 

The company will gradually offer an interactive virtual space for a holder exclusive event, "Ioniq Digital Garage," for NFT holders.



The NFTs are in six different themes: Fun Driving, Stress-Free Driving, Work, Socializing, Healing and Entertainment. Their backgrounds represent Ioniq 6’sl interior space and are inspired by its newly implemented Dual Color Ambient Lighting.

Hyundai Motor distributed the Ioniq 6 NFT Collection by airdrop for free rather than sales to lower the barrier to entry for more people to participate.

The collection aims to “expand the boundary of NFTs from simple investment and possession to experiences and storytelling,” Thomas Schemera, executive vice president, global chief marketing officer and head of customer experience division, Hyundai Motor Co., says in a release. 

The automaker will continue to provide "phygital (physical + digital)" experiences that merge the real and the digital world for the new generation of customers who are more accustomed to digital technology, he adds.

The company will publish “Capsule Ioniq,” an NFT newsletter to strengthen relationships with the NFT community, beginning in August.

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