Audio Producer SpokenLayer Employs 'Brand-Safe' Ad Platform For Publishers

SpokenLayer, which has produced audio content for Condé Nast, Hearst, The Economist, Time and Dotdash Meredith,  will utilize Sounder’s Audio Data Cloud to help advertisers make audio content purchasing decisions.

Sounder relies on speech recognition technology and AI/ML models to enable large publishers to access auto-generated episode ratings, full transcripts, keywords, summaries, and topics throughout their audio content libraries, it says.

Advertisers can purchase ad units next to content that reflects their values and the brand safety guidelines set by the IAB and GARM. 

SpokenLayer says its content is brand safe, but that it also sought a “third-party, tech-driven solution for verification that can give advertisers added peace of mind,” states Andy Lipset, CEO of SpokenLayer.

“Brand safety across all audio content is becoming table stakes for advertisers,” adds Sounder CEO and co-founder Kal Amin.

Amin adds that Sounder is “integrating a layer of data that is crucial for advertisers to feel confident taking advantage of the world’s growing passion for podcasts.”

Advertisers now say that brand safety is a large factor in their decision to purchase spoken word audio, Lipset notes. 





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