New Political Parties? Political Ad Money May Tell A Different Story

Soon-to-be former U.S. House representative Liz Cheney (she’s good until next January) voted with President Trump over 90% of the time. Keep that in mind.

Chances are that if somehow, Trump became President again -- even with her pursuit to prevent this -- she would continue to vote for those same standard GOP policies.

Typical GOP policies include lower taxes, lower Federal spending, state-rights, a pro-life position on abortion, fewer business regulations, and a strong defense --  most of which Cheney could back.

Cheney has reportedly raised millions of dollars in new political funding to start a new political action committee (PAC). And some of that means political advertising and marketing.

This comes as analysts mull over whether Cheney could make a third-party run for President, as well as offering up new political messaging.

One obvious Cheney message could be “Let's keep all our GOP policies but get rid of all the dangerous lying and illegal behavior by the former President. If you don't vote for me, don't vote for him.”



At the same time, former House of Representatives Republican David Jolly from Florida wants to do something similar -- form the basis of a new party. Jolly is executive chairman of the Serve America Movement.

Also there is Forward Party, another possible third party effort touted by ex-Republican New Jersey Governor Christine Whitman and former Democratic Presidential and New York mayoral candidate, Andrew Yang.

Could a third party succeed? It's highly unlikely. History has been littered with failed national political party attempts to do this.

However, times now are different -- really different. Not only is there ever-widening polarization between the parties, but at the same time there is ever-mounting political fundraising.

This year the midterm election is estimated to rake in a massive new record of $9.7 billion in political advertising. Not only is this much higher -- almost triple the previous 2018 midterms -- but it looks to soar past the total for the 2020 Presidential election.

What's in the way? A continuous flow of troubling content from social media, and conservative TV media networks continuing to ply conspiracy theories and disinformation everywhere. All that can gum up many straight-ahead advertising efforts.

Voters are seemingly tiring of questionable news content -- from TV news channels as well as social media. They have wised up to an extent.
Still, fringe politicians and others continue to spout misinformation and lies. For example, nearly 70% of Republican voters believe that the 2020 Presidential election was stolen.

Political advertising will work in -- and against -- this environment in the next several months, and for years to come.

Can higher political advertising, including that from possible new political parties and initiatives, help voters to move away from bad legacy TV news -- or will all just be an accelerant for more fringe and conspiratorial beliefs?

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  1. M Gingrich from GI, August 22, 2022 at 9:28 a.m.

    Hard to tell which side Mr Friedman lies. /s  It's weid this is all an attack on conservatives. Certainly no impropriety by the left has taken place, amirite? Bernie was the candidate but the DNC couldn't let their establishment let it be so - so stolen it was. With the removal of just one word from the following sentence the article becomes slightly more legitimate.

    "What's in the way? A continuous flow of troubling content from social media, and TV media networks continuing to ply conspiracy theories and disinformation everywhere. All that can gum up many straight-ahead advertising efforts."

    I know it's commentary but do better in your objectivity.

  2. Philip LeNoble from Executive Decision Systems, Inc replied, August 24, 2022 at 4:07 p.m.

    A third party right now is extremely timely. I propose a "Purple Party" with the best of the Democratic and Republican's most supported views and policies and one that incorporates the virtues and values of our current socioeconomic system as seen by the Mellennials, Gen X and late Baby Boomers of 2022 relative to abortion, more affordable education, more realistic gun laws including a ban on assualt weapons like AR 15s, new moderately priced living spaces for those with limited incomes, more competitive healhcare, including reasonable priced prescription drugs and finally, a more realistic immigration policy. A Purple party would plan more for better climate control and move society and automobile manufacturers away from dependency on fossil fuels with hydrogen cell fueled propellants and more EVs. Our planet is heating up from the toxic environmental pollutants from the U.S. Russia and China. The United States must lead the way to save our planet lest we may see our world seen by future astrophysical scientists as they current see Mars. A Purple party would also recognize Americans with various color combinations based on heritage or genetics and become rationally inclusive of all genders without barriers or employmnet obstacles. Our current political parties are too old and not in tune with our future. We need leaders who are not billionaires and not fixated on personal power and wealth and a more modern league of nations without war. Humans of all races and denominations must always seek peace and harmony at all costs! A new and adaptive Purple party is most suited for the United States as a modle of behavior for all nations!    

  3. M Gingrich from GI, August 24, 2022 at 4:51 p.m.


    In my heart of hearts the problem is parties to begin with! Why can't you be a conservative who believes in open borders or pro-abortion, or a liberal who believes in super strict borders and is pro-life? You cannot and the platforms tell you as much. The idea of a party that has "virtues and values of our current socioeconomic system" seems awfully shortsighted to me. As does the idea that we're taking the "best of" policies but you just named the whole democrat platform, with the exception of " fixated on personal power and wealth" (but that's a human issue). What about the real issues like national debt?

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