Hulu Series 'Wedding Season' Takes The Cake

The onset of September is an appropriate time of the year for Hulu to introduce a new series called “Wedding Season” since September and October have surpassed June as the most popular months in which to marry.

However, Hulu’s “Wedding Season” is not exactly a love letter to weddings. Instead, it is a bizarre mystery that starts at a wedding that is suddenly disrupted in the middle of the vow-taking by a man who still loves the bride -- a scene reminiscent of “The Graduate.”

Much younger people than those who actually remember “The Graduate” are no doubt the target audience for this show.

It is mainly about a pair of young people in their 20s or early 30s who go on the lam for reasons that are not quite clear -- which is the whole point of a mystery.



Along with their small group of friends, the two are in that portion of their lives when weddings among friends are a common occurrence for a year or two. This too will resonate with the show’s target audience.

But how this particular wedding goes awry will not be like anything anyone, young or old, has ever experienced. This is no comedy in which the bride takes a pratfall into the wedding cake. 

Instead, a number of the wedding’s participants end up face down in another way. And into this mess steps the lovelorn disruptor of the wedding referenced above. 

The unexpected plot twists in “Wedding Season” are enough to generate interest from episode to episode. How many episodes are there? The Hulu press site, always stingy with information a journalist might benefit from, doesn’t say.

“Wedding Season” emerges as a lightly entertaining mystery drama that might remind some of “The Resort,” which premiered earlier this year on Peacock. 

The shows are different, but in some ways also the same. They are made for the same audience and each of them features a young couple who find themselves entangled in a mystery.

Despite their attractive qualities, neither show will gain traction for very long. It is the nature of the TV beast today. The streaming TV pipeline keeps churning them out, one after the other, day after day after day. 

“Wedding Season” starts streaming on Thursday (September 8) on Hulu.

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