Twenty Years After Her First Gap Gig, Selma Blair Comes Full Circle, Drops Her Pants

In her bestseller “Mean Baby,” Selma Blair writes about growing up and in one part, recalls moving to New York City and getting a job at Gap. 

"I lived at the Salvation Army. I worked at Gap. I worked at the coffee shop. I was a full-time acting student, and it was the moment,” she told People magazine

Now, some 20 years after she worked at Gap, Blair is starring in a campaign for the clothing brand. In the ad, she says, “If I had my druthers, I’d be a cross between Twiggy and Sid Vicious… and Grace Kelly.”

A few seconds later, Blair drops her pants to some cheering. The ad, directed by Koto Bolofo and conceived by Gap Global Creative Director Len Peltier, is a return to form for Blair, who starred in a 2008 Gap ad with The Office’s Rainn Wilson.



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