Publishers Turn To Apple's SKAdNetwork: Study

Apple turned mobile publishing on its head with the introduction of its SKAdNetwork and other privacy changes two years ago.  

Since then, 61% of publishers have adopted the SKAdNetwork, compared with 37% in 2021, according to the 2022 App Install Marketing Survey by Digital Turbine. And 27% plan to use it soon. 

Of the holdouts—12% of the sample—43% are working with fewer partners for iOS user acquisition (UA).  

The SKAdNetwork has apparently helped publishers and marketers cope with the shift in opt-in rates caused by Apple’s privacy changes that came with iOS 14.5.  Of the publishers surveyed, 34% are moderately concerned with opt-in-rates, but that has lessened since 2021.



Meanwhile, 46% of publishers are spending on video, with 64% saying video ads are effective.  

At the same time, 38% of UA marketers have increased their spend on Apple Search Ads since the launch of SKAdNetwork. 

These marketers are driven by the following mobile app acquisition KPIs:

Quality of acquired users (LTV, RoAS, etc.)—77%

Price (CPI, CPC, CPCV, etc.)—67% 

Targeting capabilities (geo, device, audience, demo, etc.)—64%

Level of service (responsiveness, campaign organization, availability, etc.)—61% 

Volume (# of daily/weekly installs)—59%

Digital Turbine surveyed 140+ mobile publishers.



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