Iconic Blue-Eyed Movie Star Will Promote Your Product -- For Free!



To mark its 40th anniversary and increase awareness among younger consumers, philanthropic food marketer Newman’s Own is offering any brand free use of founder Paul Newman’s name, image and likeness on one product.

The only catch to Newman’s Deal is that 100% of profits from the product sold during the limited-time offer must be donated to child-related causes.

Today through Nov. 24, brands can apply on a dedicated website for exclusive access to a library of Paul Newman images that can be leveraged for commercial use to promote a product for one year.

In return, participating brands must give away all after-tax profit made from the sale of the product to “qualifying nonprofit organizations that help kids who face adversity.”

Brands also can apply to use Newman’s images on existing products, according to Newman’s Own CMO Nicole Malcolm-Manyara.



“If they use an existing product, Paul wouldn’t be featured on the label or the packaging,” Malcom-Manyara tells Marketing Daily.

“But they could leverage an image or collection of images or signatures to help advertise and promote that specific product.”

Running on digital platforms, this spot from the Activista agency chronicles Newman’s acting, car-racing and philanthropic past.

Brands that participate in Newman’s Deal can donate profits through Newman’s Own Foundation or directly to an organization that is approved by the Foundation.

According to the Newman’s Own Foundation website, the organization has donated more than $570 million to thousands of organizations to help millions of people in the United States and around the world.

It’s part of a brand refresh and new creative platform titled “Radically Good” that’s being amplified with out-of-home ad placements in Chicago and New York City.

“One of the goals behind this campaign is that we wanted to reintroduce the brand to more potential consumers—including young consumers,” says Malcom-Manyara.

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