Credit Union Ad Campaign Taps DEI Panel To Insure Authenticity

Seattle-based DNA has created a new ad campaign for the BECU credit union that features the brand's customers talking about financial hurdles such as an immigrant's struggle to pay off debt and the importance of home ownership to people of color to create a legacy of generational wealth.

To ensure the authenticity of the stories and boost resonance with diverse populations, the agency brought in an independent DE&I panel of experts that was consulted throughout the process. 

The campaign, “Power in People," features over 40 BECU members in multimedia ads including three members who talk at length about how BECU helped them overcome financial hurdles to achieve their dreams.

The stories are designed to punctuate BECU’s purpose as a member-owned credit union to improve the financial well-being of its members and its communities.
One ad features Rolando, a graphic designer who shares his story of growing up as an immigrant, and his dream of attending college. Like many young people who struggle to balance having to work and take out loans to pay for school, Rolando found himself in deep debt. He credits BECU for helping him become more financially secure.



Another ad features Kindle, a Black woman who speaks about the challenges her ancestors faced gaining access to homeownership, and how finding her dream home provides her a means to pass along generational wealth to her family.

DNA enlisted production company Missing Pieces director Bianca Giaever, an NPR contributor to ‘This American Life.’ DNA's Mishy Cass said that “Bianca has a distinctive visual style that incorporates hand-drawn imagery in the film, that is both charming and adds a poignancy to the stories. Her journalistic background led to engaging conversations that enabled the BECU member stories to really come to life.”

Ads are appearing on television, radio, billboards, digital and social media and other outlets. 
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