Entrepreneur & Agency Veteran Stedman's Latest Startup: The Imaginarium

Entrepreneur and agency veteran Scott Stedman has launched a new B2B-focused agency that he’s calling The Imaginarium,

The agency, based in Boston, will create content for LinkedIn and other digital media to “spark inspired connections,” says Stedman.

“We’ve seen ecomm companies use Facebook and Instagram to find explosive growth. The Imaginarium services B2B brands with inspiring content that’s rigorously tested and scaled to find that same growth on LinkedIn,” said Stedman. “Many B2B brands forget that what they do every day is remarkable and inspiring. When we remember what’s most inspiring about the work these companies do, we’re able to use that to generate content that resonates.”

At the core of The Imaginarium is a proprietary tech and data platform that Stedman has dubbed Enspyron. It’s designed to help identify likely customers for B2B brands. Enspyron utilizes a panel of over 3 million B2B buyers and measures over 1,400 attributes to create audience models. Enspyron, Stedman asserts, empowers efficient targeting for brands as a managed service, a premium PMP, or as a social audience.



The Imaginarium recently added Tiiso McGinty, Head of Strategy to its growing team.

Stedman served as Chief Growth and Product Officer for Havas + Arnold Worldwide from January 2020 to August 2021.

He is currently an advisor to a group of companies including Goldman Sachs, Nom, Algebra, and Octane11.

Previously he served as CMO at MDC Media Partners. Earlier he founded and ran Brooklyn’s The Northside Media Group, which grew to include Brooklyn Magazine, The L Magazine, Northside Festival, Taste Talks, Summer Screen and Northside Creative Group.


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