Frequence And Lineup Systems Partner On Sales Automation For Media

Ad sales automation firm Frequence is partnering with Lineup Systems to streamline sales, automation and billing processes for media businesses.  

The arrangement links Lineup’s Adpoint software with Frequence technology that automates media planning, proposals and execution in offline and offline channels.  

The goal is to “improve the salesperson experience by providing a seamless flow of information in the background,” states Susan Macdonald, Lineup CRO. 

In addition, advertiser data will be fully integrated so the sales executive doesn’t have to undertake the excessive and time-consuming burden of manual data transfer, saving time and resources,” states Oliver Jacob, President of Frequence.

The integration will reduce the number of errors that occur when data is being transferred between platforms, the firms say. In addition, salespeople can pass proposal and order information more easily between the two via their APIs, they add



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