Firm Offers Free Course On DMARC Implementation

Email security firm EasyDMARC is offering a course to help marketers understand DMARC ((Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) and how to implement it. 

The new offering, EasyDMARC Academy. has two course levels: Basics to Advanced and Expert. 

Some email marketers are already availing themselves of it. 

“More than 400 students applied for our courses overnight after the soft launch,” says Avag Arakelyan, CTO of EasyDMARC.  “Today, we are thrilled to see that 150+ of them have already passed the basic level.”

The free courses include expert-level instructions, video explanations, and practice-based assessments,

Many businesses lack email security specialists.Yet 93% of all successful cyber attacks on companies start with a phishing attack, Verizon research has shown. 

“Great technology and an intuitive platform is good, but empowering human firewalls is also important,” Arakelyan adds. 



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