New Tool Converts Written Content Into Video, Firm Says

Publishers can convert text to video with a new tool from Ezoic.

The new offering, Flickify, is a cloud-based platform that uses AI to generate videos from written content. Videos can be AI-generated or customized by adding clips from the Flickify stock library, the company says. 

Flickify helps sites gain exposure to new streams of ad revenue and search engine traffic from Google Images, Google Video and Humix, Ezoic’s video sharing network that “delivers an immediate audience via access to sites all over the world looking for video content,” states Tyler Bishop, CMO of Ezoic. 

The product requires no video editing skills, video equipment or training. Publishers can sign into, choose the Flickify tool on the dashboard "and create up to five videos a month at no cost,” according to Ezoic.



“What I like most about Flickify is you can instantly start making money from videos you create by adding them to your website and running ads on them," states  Stephen Hockman, founder of SEO Chatter.

Hockman adds that “you can boost revenue by sharing your Flickify videos on Humix where they play on other publishers’ websites, allowing you to tap into other publishers’ audiences and increase video reach and ad revenue without having to acquire that traffic yourself.”

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