Drive Our Car To Stand Out:Toyota Sets Crown Coronation


Toyota announces its all-new 2023 Toyota Crown with a campaign that integrates channels ranging from linear TV, digital content and streaming audio to search and paid social.

“Says So Much” aims to show consumers that driving the reimagined sedan with its “dynamic presence and styling will help [them] stand out in the crowd,” says Lisa Materazzo, group vice president, Toyota Marketing, Toyota Motor North America.

The campaign was developed by Saatchi & Saatchi, with a :30 broadcast spot, titled “Reunion,” set to debut Monday. That ad shows a woman snazzily dressed in a gold cocktail dress, driving her Toyota Crown, en route to a reunion. She hands the car over to a valet and makes her way to the party, where she is greeted by admiring looks from her former classmates.



The song playing in the background -- "Watch Me Stand Out" by Club Yoko” -- would seem to echo that message of self-confidence., with lyrics that include “Hey, take a look at me now/Watch me standing out/Like a diamond in the crowd.”

The spot will appear during such high-profile sports programming as NFL Wild Card games and divisional playoffs, NBA games and more.  Among the specifics of the larger campaign, paid social runs across Meta, LinkedIn, Reddit and Pinterest.

Toyota Crown, which will arrive at dealerships in early 2023, has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price ranging from $39,950 to $52,350

“A recent test drive revealed the car indeed has many of the best properties of a luxury sedan, a sports car and an SUV,”  wrote Drive Time's Tanya Gazdik in a column about the Toyota Crown.

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