F45 Campaign Pushes Fitness, Team-Focused Workouts

F45 Training Holdings launched its first brand campaign today.

“No One Trains Alone,” created by Laundry Service, promotes the idea of training with a team in a gym, rather than a fitness routine at home.

The spot suggests F45 members can access their inner athletes to secure their health and fitness goals.

The work is running on Facebook, Google, YouTube, Amazon and Spotify, as well as other digital channels. This is the first commercial in a year-long campaign.  

The creative employs user-generated content from actual members. The three people in the ad are at various stages in their fitness routine: rookie, veteran and coach. The premise is that a team push will help drive individual efforts.

Brian Killingsworth, Chief Marketing Officer of F45, said the company’s premise is that “when we train together, we motivate, educate and hold each other accountable, and while your fitness journey is personal, we need one another to succeed.”

Laundry Service has worked with various brands, such as Jordan Brand, Foot Locker, House of Hoops and Amazon.



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