Doritos Fosters Speculation About A 'Love Triangle' At Super Bowl LVII


Can a “love triangle” consist of just two people?

It’s a legitimate question, considering the latest Doritos tease-and-reveal chapter in the walkup to its presence at Super Bowl LVII.

Earlier this month, a photo of a hand holding one of the triangular snacks inside a vehicle being mobbed by people was posted on the Doritos website.

The hand turned out to be that of six-time Grammy-nominated rap star Jack Harlow, as revealed in this spot.

A photographer in the crowd screams “Is it true about the love triangle?”

Fast-forward to this week, when Doritos released a video titled “Collab” showing rapper and songwriter Missy Elliott answering her phone.



“Collab?” says Elliott. “You know I’ve been waiting to collab.”

When she hears the caller’s offer, her expression changes from happy to somber.

“A love triangle? I don’t know about that.”

The spot ends with 2.12.23 superimposed on the screen.

Which begs the question: Will a third person join Harlow and Elliott in the final commercial?

“Only time will tell what she and Jack have up their sleeves,” a Doritos rep tells Marketing Daily.

As previously reported, sister Doritos brand PopCorners is using a similar tease-and-reveal strategy in advance of its Super Bowl debut.

It began with an image of actor Bryan Cranston of “Breaking Bad” fame on social media followed by confirmation by PopCorners that he will reprise his role as the series’ teacher-turned-methamphetamine dealer Walter White.

The brand subsequently revealed that Cranston will be joined by “Breaking Bad” actor Aaron Paul—who played accomplice crystal meth cook and dealer Jesse Bruce Pinkman.

Today, PopCorners announced that actor Raymond Cruz will join Cranston and Paul in the brand’s Super Bowl appearance.

In “Breaking Bad,” Cruz played Mexican drug kingpin Tuco Salamanca.

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