What's In A Name? Agencies Are Seeing 'Red'

In the last couple of weeks two new agencies have been revealed with a common element—both have the word “red” in their name.

Audi unveiled Audi RED (Rapid Experience Development), a North America shop that is that focused on customer experiences.

And UM is hunting for talent on LinkedIn (and presumably other places) for a media agency it’s calling Red.

I guess it makes sense. Red is a hot color, right? It’s often associated with what’s current and trendy in popular culture and elsewhere. Agencies make it their business to be all over hot trends.

The color is also associated with power. What agency doesn’t want to be perceived as powerful?

Other agencies have embraced their inner redness as well. FCB Red is a shopper-focused agency. Portland, OR is headquarters for branding shop Red & Co. And LA is home to Red Interactive Agency.

I’m pretty sure there are more. And if I had a subscription to Agency RedBooks I’d prove it to you.





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