ImOn Channels Abbott And Costello In Regional Super Bowl Spot



ImOn Communications won’t show up on lists of the top commercials shown during Sunday’s Super Bowl, but viewers in eastern Iowa may well disagree.

That’s where ImOn, a local provider of internet, cable and phone services, will debut a campaign inspired by Abbott and Costello’s iconic “Who’s on First?” routine. We’ll call it “I’m on ImOn.”

In the :30 spot, a man and his son are engaged in living room activities when the doorbell rings.

“I’m on it,” the man shouts, presumably to his wife.

A new neighbor with is at the door. The neighbor gives the man a pie and peeks inside the house to see both a large-screen TV and the son playing a virtual reality game.



“Wow, your internet seems really fast,” he remarks “What are you on?”

“I’m on ImOn.”

What provider are you on?

“I’m on ImOn.”

After another two or three rounds of similar confusion, the neighbor takes back his pie, declaring "You're on something alright."

"Stay always on with Iowa's most reliable internet, now with two months free," says a voiceover at the end of the spot.

Lisa Rhatigan, ImOn’s vice president of marketing, tells Marketing Daily that the brand’s first Super Bowl ad was made possible by last year’s acquisition of the company by Goldman Sachs Asset Management. “With the resources provided by Goldman Sachs,” she says, "ImOn has grown at a significantly faster pace. This growth has allowed us to increase our overall marketing expenditures, both in hiring our agency partner Fortnight Collective as well as being able to invest in the best quality production.”

Previous creative “used stock footage and was more product-focused and transactional,” says Adam Chasnow, chief creative officer of Fortnight.

Fortnight has also produced a:15 version of the new ad, with Rhatigan saying that ImOn is “currently looking at significantly increasing our broadcast and digital buys throughout the year to help to continue to build the brand and ensure our customers and future customers understand and are excited about what we do.”  Media planning and buying is done in-house.

ImOn, which serves Cedar Rapids, Dubuque and other areas of eastern Iowa, was founded in 2007.

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