Chatty GPT: New AI Tools Help Email Teams Write Subject Lines And Body Copy

Email teams can now create and test not just one or two but many subject lines, thanks to AI content-generation tools like ChatGPT, Jasper and Anyword. 

And while testing more subject lines generally produces a lift, time-consuming traditional A/B testing could result in a bottleneck that negates the advantage of using AI, according to Can Using AI Generated Subject Lines Increase Lift?, a report by AlchemyWorx. 

AlchemyWorx offers a subject line tool called Subject Line Pro. So it has a reason to push testing. 

That said, it reports that testing 10 subject lines results in an 81% increase in opens, a 242% hike in clicks and a 128% gain in the click-to-open ratio (CTO). 

In contrast, testing three lines produces a 21% boost in opens, 42% in clicks and 25% in CTOs.  

Subject lines are just one email application possible with ChatGPT. For instance, marketers now using it to “craft promotional emails literally in seconds with simple email prompts,” according to Best Examples of ChatGPT Email Marketing Prompts, a primer published Monday by DesignModo.



Want to test subject lines? You could ask:

  • Give me 10 promotional email subject lines for my… 
  • What are the best practices for writing attention-grabbing subject lines?
  • Give me 10 subject lines for my [niche[ newsletter 
  • How can I create a sense of urgency in my subject lines?
  • Give me 10 follow-up email subject lines

Is it really as easy as all that? Apparently it is. And you could use similar prompts for body copy, A/B testing, design and optimization, building your email list, compliance and deliverability.

But DesignModo warns that whatever the task, you should: 

  • Always proofread ChatGPT’s output
  • Add your own personalization
  • Keep your information private
  • Don’t fire your copywriter anytime soon



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