New Tool Helps Publishers Avoid High Block Rates For Direct-Sold Ads, Firm Says

A new form of advertising campaign automation is being offered to publishers by Double Verify, a provider of measurement and analytics software. 

The new tool, Authentic Direct, helps publishers “automatically align on campaign expectations and performance outcomes while advertisers gain a more efficient way to ensure brand suitable ad placements,” states Mimi Wotring, senior vice president of publisher sales and client services at DoubleVerify.

Wortring notes that direct-sold campaigns require “constant back and forth communication between publishers and advertisers to ensure success.”

Brand safety is ““consistently raised as a top priority between the two, often negatively impacting relationships and driving down overall success of direct advertising,” she adds. 

Authentic Direct allows publishers to access a centralized set of brand safety and suitability requirements from their advertiser clients,” streamlining campaign discrepancy management.  



According to Double Verify, Authentic Direct helps publishers strengthen client relationships, improve efficiency of direct campaigns and maximize direct-sold revenue. 

Publishers can eliminate the guesswork needed to support advertiser campaign requirements, while enabling streamlined mid-campaign changes and automatation of line item setup and targeting, the company adds. 

The Arena Group, owner of such properties as The Street and Sports Illustrated experienced a 92% in the overall block rate. And it achieved a 97% in blocks tied to brand suitability within 12 hours of implementation, Double Verify claims. 

The block rate is now less than 1%, it adds. 

Previously, “the process for honoring advertisers’ brand safety and suitability needs is very time intensive and error prone,” states Reggie Hudson, VP of Advertising Operations, The Arena Group. “Despite all of our manual effort, we still experienced high block rates and wasted impressions.”



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