Stella Artois (Literally) Crashes Home-Alone Dining To Encourage Togetherness

Belgian-style premium lager Stella Artois is shifting from an emphasis on bar and restaurant dining to being wherever people gather to eat, in an effort to elevate the brand’s role to a “mealtime staple.”

The Anheuser-Busch InBev brand describes the pivot as “kicking off a new era of modernization” that extends its “Make Time for the Life Artois” campaign with the biggest marketing initiative in more than five years.

Eating alone is transformed into a completely new experience in a commercial titled “Table Drop” from the Anomaly agency.

The spot opens with a woman dining alone and drinking a Stella Artois in her urban apartment. After the floor starts to buckle, her table drops through it to the apartment below, uniting her with a neighbor who is also eating dinner by himself.



The action continues through multiple floors and walls of the apartment building and ends with a massive celebration with all tenants.

The brand is launching campaigns with Yelp, Instacart, and Uber Eats.

Yelp will help consumers discover nearby restaurants and bars while encouraging them to make a reservation and connect with a friend and Stella Artois.

Instacart will feature Stella Artois’ “Let’s Do Dinner" hub on its brand page, encouraging consumers to add a six-pack to their grocery cart.

A partnership with delivery service Uber Eats includes an ad on the delivery service’s home page that invites users to stock up on Stella Artois after ordering their meal.  

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