Canva Adds Creation Tools

Canva is a free-to-use graphic design platform. As of March 23, Canva has been “doubling down on its work suite and adding a whole lot of creation tools,” said Canva's CMO Zach Kitschke.

Among those creation tools are Magic Design, where a user describes a design they would like to execute and the tool generates “a whole series of versions of that content for you,” said Kitschke.

AI also plays a big role. “We’re really adding a whole suite of AI powered tools to make creating everything from presentations to social graphics and videos to print products really easy and seamless,” said Kitschke.

To publicize the launch, Canva has released the latest leg of the ad campaign themed “What will you design today?” that launched in March 2022. The campaign was created in-house.



Canva is promoting itself as the “Home for every brand,” and is introducing a toolkit for brands to create logos, colors, fonts, icons and brand guidelines.

“It's a broad campaign,” said Kitschke. “We're really focusing on anyone that creates, so we believe if you work in an office, or computer these days, you have the need to create visual content and visual communication.”

Canva currently claims 125 million active users (an increase of more than 40 million since the last Canva Create in September 2022). Canva also has 13 million paid subscribers, which contribute to the company’s $1.4 billion in annualized revenue.

A rep for Canva said that there has been a democratization in design work. “I think we're all expected to have some level of design acumen these days. I'm, a comms person and I'm constantly having to create all sorts of visual communications for my work,” she said. “So a lot of what we’re introducing is for the entire marketing organization and not just for the professional set.”

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