Meet Minneapolis Makes A 'Fuss' About Tourism

The new Meet Minneapolis campaign is promoting the Midwest city as an active, eclectic center. It's the organization's largest leisure campaign in at least 10 years.

Periscope created “See What All the Fuss Is About,” highlighting the restaurants, sports, museums and outdoor adventures the state capital offers.

At the same time, the work combats negative imagery.

"There is no glossing over the fact Minneapolis has been in the spotlight in the last few years, and not always for the reasons we want," said Courtney S. Ries, senior vice president, destination branding and strategy, Meet Minneapolis. "Minneapolis is a pretty remarkable city with an award-winning food scene, culturally diverse neighborhoods, world-class theaters, craft breweries, arts and music festivals, and miles of beautiful bike paths."



The creative is geared to people who know Minneapolis and those new to it. A key target audience are those who live within 15 to 300 miles of the city. The campaign is positioned as an invitation to re-experience it.

The cross-platform campaign — print, broadcast, digital, billboards, web site and social — will target various audience sectors and their perceptions of Minneapolis. The media spend is approximately $500,000.

"We brought an insider perspective and lots of local pride to boldly showing both new and returning visitors how our hometown exceeds expectations — focusing on how our city could tell its own story rather than letting the online opinions define us," Liz Grabek, SVP, Consumer Strategy, Periscope, told Agency Daily.

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